PARALLELS (Album) - 2016

A true album of ‘World Music’, ‘Parallels’ is the first experiment of its kind that features collaboration of south Asian music with diverse genres of music such as Flamenco, Country, New-Age, Rock, Traditional Indian, African and Ballad styles. Vandana accomplishes this seemingly challenging task with relative ease through five pairs of songs, each pair sharing one melody interpreted in two different genres. She calls each of these songs a ‘Parallel’ pair, hence the title ‘Parallels’.

Apart from singing two songs by Bulle Shah and a Ghazal by Jigar Muradabadi, Vandana also debuts as a lyricist for the first time in this album, with two of the song lyrics written by her.

The album features award winning 'Mai Beqaid (Flamenco)' and its Country counterpart. Also watch out for unusual experiments on songs such as 'Dhula Dhula', 'Fikr-E-Manzil' and 'Piya Na Mose Bole'. Parallels’ stayed in top 3 positions at RMR World charts right from its debut, and stayed there for 20 straight weeks, topping for first four weeks, then never dropping down below no. 3 spot. The ‘Dhula Dhula (Afro-Indian)’ track from the album topped the RMR World singles chart, toppling Sir Paul Simon!

Samarsiddha (Single) - 2014

Promotional theme track for UK based novelist Sandeep Nayyar's debut Hindi novel by same name 'Samarsiddha', published by Penguin India.

Monologues (Album) - 2013

A bouquet of south Asian melodies, her second release 'Monologues' is Vandana's first attempt at collaborating with different genres. The album features her collaboration with genres such as Jazz and Rock, incorporating the sounds of Piano, Saxophone and Rock Guitars. Watch out for classics such as 'Raah Nihaaroon'. 'Aye Zubaan Pe', 'Dil-E-Naadaan' and 'Mai Kya Hoon'.

Meera The Lover... (Album) - 2009

Vandana;'s award winning debut album that saw her return to music after a long stint with architecture.

'Meera The Lover...' is a musical story of legendary sixteenth century Indian queen Meera Bai, whom Vandana portrays as a lover of Krishna rather than a devotee. The album features widely popular IMA Vox Pop winning 'Badara Re' and E-songwriter honouree 'Chal Wahi Des', apart from popular songs like 'Piya Bin', 'Sanware Ke Rang', 'Fagun Ke Din Char' and stellar 'Rana Ji'.